Willow's Story

Did you know that sometimes cats and dogs need blood transfusions too?

Willow is a 5-year-old cat, who came to see is in the middle of September. When Dr Eve examined her, she noted that her gums were white – they should be a salmon pink colour. Because of this, we ran some blood tests on her, and it turned out her red blood cell count was only 10% - it should be at least 25%!

This means that Willow had a severe anaemia and needed a blood transfusion. Luckily for Willow, we were able to do this – donor cats are not easy to come by but another vet clinic has a live-in clinic cat who has donated blood before.

When cats and dogs get a blood transfusion, they need to be cross matched as they have a few different blood types. If we give a cat the wrong type of blood, they can have a very severe reaction. Willow and our donor cat had the same blood type. Willow’s blood transfusion went smoothly, and she is on some medication to treat the suspected underlying cause of her anaemia. She is doing really well and is back to doing all her normal activities!