Welcome to Tasman Street Vet

We are located in Mount Cook, and welcome all pets and pet parents from Mount Cook, Te Aro, Mount Victoria, Aro Valley, Brooklyn, Newtown, and surrounding suburbs in Wellington.

At Tasman Street Vet Centre, Dr Rachel, Dr Nicole, Dr Gearoid and our team are here to help you to maintain your pet in the best possible health throughout his or her life. When things go wrong we work hard to get a fast diagnosis (we find out what is wrong) and prognosis (we tell you how serious the problem is). Then we work with you to draw up the best treatment plan possible for your pet. We respect that clients have different philosophies on pet care and different resources at their disposal. You’ll never find us being judgemental, we provide the skills and information and work with you to make the best decisions possible for your pet. We can do all this because we have knowledge, experience and, importantly, we understand you and your pet. 

We treat cats, dogs, and pocket pets. Our services include vaccinations, microchipping, desexing, dentistry, radiography, ultrasound, chemotherapy, in-house and outsourced lab testing work, surgical and hospital facilities. We also offer behavioural consultations and senior pet program, and our cat boarding facility offers a comfortable, friendly and safe home away from home for your furry friend. Tasman Street Vet Centre is proud to be an accredited Cat Friendly Clinic - find out more.

Our Facilities & Services

  • Experienced team with the ability to take on complex surgical and medical cases
  • Always free dental checks
  • Cat boarding
  • Behavioural consultations
  • Weight loss clinic
  • Ability to treat pocket pets, birds and wildlife
  • Ample parking, safe for animals

Our program includes

  • Unlimited FREE Consultations
  • Annual
  • Up to $250 OFF a Dental Procedure
  • Preventative Health Care Screen x 1 Per Year
  • FREE Microchip
  • 10% Discount on Professional Services by a Vet
  • 10% Discount on Parasite control
  • 10% Discount on Food & Merchandise